Muistikuvat: Archives of Identity from the Eyes of Latin America in Finland is a publication and an archival project in which we will gather the voice of one hundred Latin American citizens in Finland. We will ask them to share with us, short words in form of fragments or a small prose, how they perceive themselves differently after moving to Finland and how do others perceive them now. The publication will specifically focus in the event of “transfiguration” of identity, which can emphasize how Latin American identity merges, bonds but still is radically contrasting with Finnish identity constructions. All these fragments will be put together in the form of a continuous collaborative poem that wishes to make visible the complexity of voices that speak about “origin and destination”. This book also wants to explore the idea of “diversity” how it is often exoticized, and its embedded tensions ignored.

Many of voices that speak about Latin America are still encoded through the glamorization of this community, ignoring the real issues people confront day to day by living in countries that are still heavily misogynistic, classist and racist. Through this publication, we wish to listen to new voices, re-articulate concepts and break with the dominant representations of this continent. We are going to knit a collective fabric of experiences of travellers, as we are, as immigrants but also as current citizens of Finnish society.

Besides the publication, we will create an auditory palette that will compile “a hundred sounds of Latin America” into an audio collage.  The audio file will be attached to the publication and also published online.

Muistikuvat: Archives of Identity from the Eyes of Latin America in Finland is the beginning of a process of building an even bigger archive of Latin American identities and stories of migration in Finland.

  Muistikuvat will be published in August of 2019.